Website Plans

We have plans to fit anyone's budget!

Steps and Time To Complete Job?

This is a question some people ask. And the answer varies. We do our best to get all sites up and running as fast as possible. We have had some sites up and running within 24 hours and some even less. But then there have been a few, that were more extensive sites, that did take a little bit longer. 

Step 1: What we do is gather the information from the customer, to get an idea of what they want in a website and also find out more about their business. This process only takes a few minutes to get through.

Step 2: Then we begin the design phase. The website layout and content writing is done, to where the site can be read by both humans and "robots" to be searched on the Internet and found by the search engines. Once the layout is down, the pictures are added, the content is written, we put it on the Internet on a subdomain, so our customer can view it and see what it would look like live!

Step 3: Payment. Once the site is approved, payment is made and the site goes live, on your own domain name within an hour or two.

After the site is live, we send you all of your information so you can view your site again, and also view your YouTube commercial, Google Page, and Facebook Page. If you need any changes, during the first year of your site going live, we will also help you and make those changes, (adding pictures, new specials, promotions, etc.) usually at no extra charge.

Then we will see you again, next year where all you have to pay is $40 more, for one more year of hosting and purchasing your domain name again. And don't worry, we will call you or text you to let you know that your domain is coming up for renewal, so you won't forget!

We look forward to working with you and having a long and prosperous relationship! Call me anytime (except Sunday- That is the Lord's Day and the entire day is dedicated to Him!) and if you can't reach me right away, just send me a text, or leave me a voice mail! 409-454-1260